Frequently Asked Questions
What is PlanSpeak?
PlanSpeak is a free community-based service that tracks costs, features and benefits of individual Member cell phone plans so that all Members can easily keep their plans up-to-date.
Why is it free?
It's free because your plan makes the system work. Member plans are the crowd-sourced components that are continuously compared with other plans. If anyone has a better comparable plan, we let you know.
How do I benefit?
Knowledge is power. Providers take advantage of the fact that we are unaware when better, more economical plans are available. Our paying outdated pricing is more revenue for them. Once we are aware, we take away their ability to over-charge us. Now you will know when it's time to call your provider and update your plan - or switch to another provider with a much better offering. The power is in your hands.
How does it work?
Every time a Member enters or updates their basic plan information, we check if this is a better value for other Community Members (once we confirm it is a valid plan). If we identify a better value opportunity we notify you straight away. NOTE: We only send notifications of improved plans that are currently available on the market.
Is PlanSpeak different from the many other comparison websites?
Yes. For one thing, we are comparing your plan continuously throughout the life of your service. For another, it's perpetually driven by you, the PlanSpeak Member. Each plan entered or updated, causes a new compare event across the community, which causes new identification of savings, which causes new plan updates, which ... well, you get the picture.
How do I join?
It's quick and easy.
a) Enter requested details of your plan
b) Provide contact email for notifications
That's it. You'll receive a password via email.
How do I update my tracking plan?
We can handle that. When you update your plan (with a new, or current provider) just respond to our SavingsAlert email indicating which plan you have and we'll update your tracking record.
Can I track multiple plans?
Yep. Sign in - which takes you directly to your current plans. From the droplist, you will find an option to "-- Add New Cell phone --". Track as many as you like 'actual' or 'wishlist'.
Can I track other subscription services?
Our goal is to expand PlanSpeak to track all subscription type services. We really appreciate your giving us "Feedback" (see footer menu) on any service plans you would like us to add.